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European Geospatial Industry:
Facts & Figures
  • 99

    out of every 100 businesses in Europe are SMEs

    Annual Report on European SMEs 2016/2017, European Commission
  • 55%

    of total Earth Observation revenues came from Europe in 2016

    Survey of the Earth Observation (EO) Services Industry 2017, EARSC
  • €15 bn /year

    Estimated value of drone market in Europe

    SESAR Drones Outlook Study, 2016
  • 1/4

    The European 3D scanning market is projected to be more than one-fourth of the total market by 2020

    GeoBuiz Report 2018, Geospatial Media and Communications
  • €250 bn /year

    The market for satellite navigation services in Europe has been growing steadily and is expected to be worth €250 billion per year by 2022

    European Commission, 2017
  • 17.7%

    Europe will continue to be a dominant market in geospatial analytics business till 2022, growing at CAGR of 17.7%

    Global Geospatial Analytics Market (2016-2022), KBV Research
  • €24 mn

    The value of business coming from using Copernicus data and information

    Survey of the Earth Observation (EO) Services Industry 2017, EARSC


Building up from its last edition, Europe Geospatial Business Summit 2018 will be a platform for European geospatial industry to discuss the role of collaborative co-existence amidst the industry’s evolving engagement with the game changers in social, political, economic and technological arenas.

The summit will be organized as pre-conference to INSPIRE. True to INSPIRE 2018 theme ‘Make it Work Together’, the summit will not only aim to further the business partnerships and collaborations in the region but will also provide an impetus to national governments and regional authorities in their commercial endeavors by enabling environment.

Designed to be a thought leadership project that collates, analyses, and presents the trends of the evolving geospatial industry, Europe Geospatial Business Summit 2018 will have two components:

European Geospatial Business Outlook Report

Rigorous and insightful report that will highlight trends, business models of the future and opportunities for European Geospatial business community




Harnessing Business Opportunity: Innovate | Collaborate | Transform

The traditional geospatial business has changed dramatically over the past five to six years.

The geospatial industry used to only comprise of players who built maps, models, collected data, presented that data and provided services to understand geospatial information. Today, spatial data analytics is all about real-time access to information and analysis of that data. Naturally, the industry is now expanding to include players building tools for analyzing geospatial data and its consequent application.

As new technologies and innovations are transgressing the physical, digital and biological worlds; the balance of power between existing and new players is shifting drastically. The changing dynamics is forcing the industry to move towards innovation, collaboration and transformation.

All across, geospatial capabilities are being integrated into all kinds of systems. Cloud, IoT, robotics & automation, deep learning & artificial intelligence, augmented reality and reality mesh are opening up new horizons, driving the geospatial business, and at the same time getting enriched by it.

Since geospatial information is becoming critical in every single application, geospatial industry needs to provide the foundation of geospatial information that can be used by everyone. The future of geospatial business depends on the industry’s ability to stay relevant in different areas of societal benefits.

So what is the best way forward for the industry? Collaboration is the key. New companies, technologies and business models will continue to disrupt the market. By joining the disruption, industry can collaborate with the new players, add value in the process and further strengthen its innovation capability.

Why Attend?

  • Meet and interact with European geospatial business leaders face-to-face
  • Gather insights on geospatial business trends and opportunities in Europe
  • First-hand know-how on expanding European business outreach to international market
  • Learn about the risk and feel good factor for start-ups in Europe
  • Updates on the latest technological innovation in Europe
  • Discuss the disruptive business models and how they affect geospatial business in Europe
  • Excellent networking opportunities with European geospatial business stakeholders
  • Best platform to share experience and talk to like-minded peers

Target Attendees

  • Large business houses
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • User organizations
  • Multilateral organizations
  • Start-ups
  • Mapping agencies
  • Business associations
  • Policy makers


Participate in Survey

In order to understand the European geospatial business scenario and capabilities, Geospatial Media is undertaking a study on “European Geospatial Business Outlook”. Methodology adopted will be in the form of survey questionnaires and one-on-one interaction with the geospatial stakeholders in major cities across Europe. Doesn’t matter if you’re a large geospatial company, an SME or a startup; we want to hear from you! Help us with our European Geospatial Business survey, and be the first in line to receive a copy of the report.

# Previous edition

Registration Fee

EUR150 + VAT
Registration fee entitles to:
  • Tea/coffee, lunch and networking reception
  • Literature Kit of the conference
  • FREE copy of European Geospatial Business Outlook Report

How about spending the entire week in Antwerp? Check out INSPIRE Conference, scheduled on 18-21 September 2018 in the same venue.

*Separate fees apply


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