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The very 1st edition of GeoBuiz Europe received a great response, It achieved its objectives of bringing leaders and decision makers
from across the European geospatial industry and engage into thought-provoking panel discussions.

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The European economy, like economies worldwide, has witnessed a surge in demand for geospatial and space-based value-added services, technology innovation, and digitalization of systems and processes. With the power of location moving to the hands of people and increasing workflow integration of geospatial and Space applications across economic sectors, geospatial and Space infrastructure are indispensable tools in Europe’s governance, environmental management, society, and business workflows.

We all agree that the European economy, like economies worldwide, has witnessed a surge in demand for geospatial and space-based value-added services, technology innovation, and digitalization of systems and processes. In Europe, geospatial tools and technologies are indispensable in governance, businesses, and socio-economic-environmental development. The European geospatial industry is, thus, forecasted to grow between from USD 120 Bn in 2023 to USD 145 Bn in 2025 (facts – GeoBuiz 23 Market report by GW Consulting). This growth is attributed to the evolving role of national geospatial agencies, enhanced workflow integration in the economic sectors, changing business models, and evolving legislative environment. Read More

A significant portion of this growth is driven by an industry ecosystem that is a whole lot smarter, technology-enabled, and complete in itself. Europe’s dominance in space constellations (earth observation and Galileo), satellite-based value-added services, strategic policy, and national initiatives (such as Europe’s Green Deal, Digital Strategy Europe, and Destination Earth), and innovations by the small and medium-sized enterprises will present the next big opportunity for Europe’s sustainable economic development. From geospatial to Space, from big data to customized applications and digital services, from IoT sensors to mobile mapping – all these technology innovations implemented across all industries and business functions are aimed to bring a strategic approach to drive unprecedented efficiencies across industries, socio-economic and technological domains – for a better sustainable and resilient Europe of tomorrow.

After a very successful GeoBuiz Europe Summit in 2022, the summit, in its 2023 edition, will facilitate interactions, market engagement, and collaborations among the leaders representing the space infrastructure and geospatial value chain. The discussions at the summit will highlight the market trends and innovation directions for co-developing an agile and long-withstanding business ecosystem. Read Less


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Adhering to its intent of offering an exclusive platform for European geospatial leaders, GeoBuiz 2023 Europe is an ideal and exclusive place to share your ideas on technology evolution, change in business models, debate on policies & legislation. This summit is one of its kind in Europe which aims to bring the decision makers from across Europe representing not only one but all possible domains of the European geospatial ecosystem.

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